Holiday Safety Tip #3: Christmas

Can you believe how quickly the holidays are flying by? Seems like we were just writing about Halloween. Thanksgiving came and went, and now we’re on to Christmas. Crazy! But holidays are all about celebrating. And how are you supposed to celebrate when disaster strikes? So we just want you to be aware of some of the dangers you could be facing during Hanukkah or Christmas.

Here are a few (though certainly not all of them):

Fire Danger – you can figure out the basic dangers… dry Christmas trees going up in flames, candles lighting curtains or furniture on fire. But what about those hidden fire dangers that damage your home and make you grateful you have insurance?

What about the cords that you stretch clear across the floor (you know, as you check to make sure everything works)? Then there is the danger of an oven fire if you were to spill juice from your turkey or ham. Or perhaps you forget there’s something in the oven. According to ABC news, chimney fires are on the rise.

No one wants to spend their special day calling their insurance agents about fire damage, so be careful.

Break Ins – how tempting is a house full of gifts? New electronics? Perhaps, jewelry? All the other gifts you might buy for the holidays? It’s tempting. And during the holidays, you are likely to be out a lot more. Make sure your windows and doors stay locked. Set your alarms if you’ve got them. And avoid bragging about the expensive things you bought or received.

Although your home insurance should cover any losses, you may not have taken the time to document the new purchases. Who wants to wake up to a Christmas without presents?

Driving Hazards – you wake up early Christmas morning, eat a big holiday meal, and then drive home or to mom and dad’s. You’re tired, full, and probably getting an earful of noise from your children playing with their new toys. Be careful. You’re not in the best of driving conditions. Furthermore, if you’ve had anything at all to drink, stay off the roads!

Nothing is more devastating on the holidays than winding up in the emergency room. Or, worse yet, losing a loved one. Remember, your car insurance can only fix your car. It can’t erase the damage to individuals. The police won’t thank you for having to write an accident report on Christmas Day.

More than anything, we want you to enjoy safe and happy holidays. If you give us a single thought… well, let’s just hope it’s only because we sent you a holiday greeting card in the mail.

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