All We Want for Christmas Is…

No matter what kind of business you’ve worked for, or what position you held, you have always dreamed of having the ideal client. Even if you are/were an employee for a major corporation and have never interacted with your prospects or customers, you are serving and working for those in your company. So, you can still imagine the perfect “client” in your head.

Well, with Christmas coming up, it seems appropriate that “the ideal client” should make it onto our Christmas list. The question is…what does our ideal client look/act like? Here’s our list (feel free to determine if you fit into this category):

Someone looking for their best policy – too many people looking for car insurance or home insurance merely seek out the cheapest prices. The clients we love best are the ones that want a perfect policy to meet their needs at the cheapest prices. Far too often we hear from individuals who chose their insurance based on the premium. When they had to submit a claim, they discovered that very little of their loss is covered by their cheap insurance.

We love helping people cover their needs, and they are nearly always astonished at the great rates we find them. But that’s one of the benefits of working with an insurance brokerage, we have all kinds of options and can shop for your insurance for you.

Someone who wants to understand their coverage – let’s face it, understanding your insurance policy is tricky. You might read your yearly statements and pretend you know what they say, but very few people do. There are all kinds of provisions, limits, and stipulations.

Naturally it’s not fun to try and figure all of it out. But do you really want to risk being surprised when it comes time to call the insurance company? The ideal client for us understands exactly what’s covered and can ask for additional coverage if they need it. Of course we’ll do our best to meet your needs. However, that’s a whole lot easier if you are part of that process.

Someone who bundles – you’ve seen the commercials about bundling your policies. And there’s a reason for it…when you bundle, you save. You see, insurance companies are benefiting more from your patronage so they’re more willing to split that money with you in the form of savings.

Someone who communicates – the last thing you want to deal with is calling your insurance company. Whether you have a crack in the windshield, or get into a major accident, that call to the insurance company might feel intimidating. But if you’ve stayed in communication with us (about your change of address, the small stuff that you need to keep an eye on, or your policy needs and renewals), it sure makes things easier down the road. Then, we’re up-to-date on all your details and can get you all the help you need.

Obviously, we love all of our clients, but if Santa were to drop a few of these ideal clients under the tree for us, we sure wouldn’t complain. If this describes you and you haven’t called one of our agents yet, be sure to do so soon! We’ll do our best to make your holidays bright.

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