How to Ditch Your Insurance Guy (or Gal)

If you take a look at your friends and family members, chances are you’ll find an insurance agent among them. Or, if you don’t know someone directly, you probably chose your agent because they were a friend of a friend.

We believe in helping out friends and family, but the fact of the matter is, times are tough right now and no one can expect your loyalty where money is concerned. You’ve got to save every dime you’ve got. And if you can get a better insurance rate somewhere else, well, maybe it’s time to consider that option.

Our insurance agents hear it all the time. When our agents talk to others about insurance, they often hear the phrase, “I’m not getting that kind of rate.” This is not surprising. Most people shop the major insurance companies and choose from those. But there are dozens of companies. So let’s say, hypothetically, that you have an agent give you some quotes on insurance. What do you say to your current agent? We’ve got a few ideas:

1. The boring but effective approach – tell them the truth. You can get a better insurance rate somewhere else. When they ask where, tell them where. That should bring the discussion to a halt.

2. The evasive approach – change the subject. Naturally your insurance agent will want to know why you’re canceling your insurance policy. Simply say, “You know… hey, did you see the game on Monday night?” Just be sure that you quickly reiterate your desire to cancel your policy before the conversation ends. If you can just send an email canceling your policy, that’s even better.

3. The joking approach – make them laugh. Your agent won’t be laughing when you decide to switch companies. But if you crack a joke, your agent will laugh, breaking the ice. They have to. Even if it’s a bad joke, they’re still hoping to change your mind. So tell your joke, get that policy canceled, and move on.

4. The hyperbole approach – exaggerate the great deal you’re getting. When your insurance agent wants to know why you’re switching companies, tell them you’ve found someone who can save you millions. No one can blame you for saving that kind of money. Saving money is the one thing almost all of us understand.

5. The avoidance approach – sadly, it may be time to block calls from your insurance agent. Who wants to explain that you just plain found a better deal – and you had to take it? Just be careful before you head to a party that you won’t be running into that friend or family member who used to provide you with insurance.

One of the reasons we are so effective is because we really do provide you with great rates and great customer service. Sure, everyone says that, but they are usually blocked from offering the kind of rates and policies we can get you.

Do yourself a favor, call an agent and find out if it’s time for you to say goodbye to your current insurance guy (or gal).

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