What We’re Grateful For

First of all, this blog post has little to do with insurance. With Thanksgiving coming up, we simply wanted to mention some of the things that we are grateful for.

If you get on Facebook, you’ve seen your friends and family mentioning something they’re grateful for every day. Well, we’re not going to write a post each day of this month. So we’ll just use this one opportunity to tell you the things we appreciate most:

The chance to work in the insurance industry. Insurance agents have not always enjoyed a positive reputation. And, we have to admit, some people have given insurance a bad name. That’s why we’re grateful to be working here. We get a chance to work closely with our clients and make sure they are getting the best policies for their situation. We help people. It’s rewarding. And that’s definitely something to be grateful for.

Our clients. Obviously, we wouldn’t enjoy our jobs so much if we didn’t get the chance to meet people like you. Working in a service industry, we have to expect cranky, and sometimes mean clients. However, we’ve been seriously lucky. We love the people we work with/for. Another reason for gratitude.

Our families. We receive a lot of comments about the “young kids” we’ve got working in this office. But most of us have families. Families who let us work late hours so we can be available to our clients when they get home from work at night. We love our spouses. We love our kids. And we’re really grateful for ‘em!

The great State of Arizona. Okay, so super hot weather in the summer is not our favorite thing. But during the winter months, Arizona can’t be beat. Plus, Arizona offers a diversity of individuals to work with. So while we enjoy the sun and fun, we get to work with all kinds of people.

Safe drivers. Maybe this is because we have families, and maybe it has something to do with caring for our clients, but we’re grateful for drivers who take the time to play it safe. We hear far too many horror stories of car accidents and lives that are lost when drivers make silly mistakes.

Our Veterans. No, we didn’t write a special post for Veteran’s Day, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about them. We are extremely grateful for a free land and the men and women that give their lives to keep us free.

This Thanksgiving, we hope you all find yourselves safe and surrounded by family, friends, and good food.

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