Holiday Safety Tip #2: Thanksgiving

It’s the most dangerous holiday of the year for drivers. As a traditional family holiday, people sometimes drive several hours to eat a good meal with their loved ones. Then, after consuming large amounts of turkey dinner and a few glasses of, well, whatever, they start the journey home.

Between the rush to get back home (so they can work the next day), the exhaustion of a long day, too much food, and possibly kids screaming in the background, you can understand why Thanksgiving produces some of the most dangerous drivers.

But guess what? Dangerous road conditions are not the only thing that may put you, your family, and your friends in jeopardy. Here are some things you can do this Thanksgiving to keep yourself safe:

1. Plan Ahead – If you are making a long trip to see loved ones, plan to get plenty of rest before heading back out on the road again. If you need to get home on Thursday night, then plan to eat an earlier dinner and then get a power nap in before hitting the road. Or, plan a meal that’s not quite as rich in sugars and heavy foods. That way you won’t be as drowsy as you drive.

2. Keep on Eye on the Food – No one wants a burnt turkey. But more than that, accidents happen when you’re cooking. When you’re cooking an entire table full of food it’s even more precarious. In fact, the Red Cross says there are more than double the number of cooking fires on Thanksgiving than on a regular day. Keep a close eye on hot oil, boiling pots, and crock pots that might be sitting too close to flammable materials (like paper plates and cups). You need to protect yourself from getting hurt and your home from experiencing any accidental burns.

3. Get a Designated Driver – If you know you’ll be having holiday spirits at your Thanksgiving feast, then take a minute and designate a driver. It’s something you plan for on New Year’s Day, and for other important celebrations. Why wouldn’t you do the same for this holiday?

4. Check Your Home Afterwards – In preparation for guests, you might light a few candles or plug in aromatic scents. Be sure to walk through your home after your guests leave and blow out candles or unplug anything you don’t usually leave plugged in. Plus, if you had children at your home, check under beds and in unusual places for any dangers they may have left waiting for you.

5. Keep Windows and Doors Locked – Recently, I was listening to the news when it said that more homes are robbed during the fall months. Why? Because that’s when temperatures cool down and people are more likely to open their windows and doors. Well, as you’re cooking, you’ll likely open a few windows of your own. Just make sure that when the meal is over, the windows are closed and locked again.

As an insurance company, we want to make sure you stay safe during the holidays. You have insurance to manage all those unexpected events in life. Wouldn’t you be better off if you never needed to make a claim? Keep yourself safe this holiday season by making good choices and staying aware of the dangers around you.

One thought on “Holiday Safety Tip #2: Thanksgiving

  1. When you are in a hurry, it can be most dangerous because you can easily forget things or get distracted which can cause accidents. Thanks for the holiday insurance tips.

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