What Kind of Insurance Would a Halloween Character Need?

Halloween is right around the corner. Whether you are the love-to-dress-up kind, or the kind that prefers to go as “yourself” to Halloween parties, you’re going to see a lot of costumes in the next week.

This week, we thought it would be fun to speculate on some of our favorite characters. Who needs what insurance? And how much coverage would they need? If you think of a few more, please be sure to add your comments to this list.

Batman – As alter ego Bruce Wayne, the man has a ton of money. So it may not seem that he needs insurance. Having a lot of money also makes him a target. So he’s going to need home insurance to the tune of a couple million (both for the house and the person who wants to sue him for getting hurt on his property). All those vintage cars need to be insured. Of course, the Batmobile is going to need to be covered up to a million dollars or more. We can’t think of anyone who is going to need more car insurance, can you?

Transformers – Big the last two years, Transformers may be out of the Halloween running this year. Since they live most their time as cars, they’re going to need auto insurance that combines with medical. Right?

Pirate – Always big at Halloween, you’re sure to run into a few pirates this year. For the captain, there needs to be insurance on his ship. For the whole crew,  well, someone needs to insure the booty. If any of them own houses, they can wrap their personal belongings (booty included) in with their home insurance.

Princess – Big or small, you’re going to see a handful of princesses. Though her personal affects are undoubtedly insured by her father, each princess might be expected to provide insurance for her own pumpkin carriage.

Wizards – whether it’s a student at Hogwarts, or a more traditional blue robe, long beard costume, we’re looking forward to the wizards’ costumes. So, what kind of insurance does a wizard need? Well, whether you’re running away from Lord Voldemort or as old as Merlin, we’re going to suggest life insurance.

There are hundreds of costumes headed your way this next week. Pay attention and then come back to the site and let us know what type of insurance the characters you see are going to need.

If you haven’t taken the time to talk to an insurance agent, squeeze it in between now and Halloween. High insurance rates or bad coverage can be spooky for anybody.

One thought on “What Kind of Insurance Would a Halloween Character Need?

  1. Halloween is just as important time of year to be thinking about good quality insurance coverage and affodrable rates. Thanks for the entertaining reference to halloween characters and some good insurance advice.

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