How Insurance Provides Peace of Mind

Take a minute to imagine how you would feel if your car were stolen. You come out of a store, head out to work in the morning, or hear a strange sound in your driveway one night. What kinds of thoughts would run through your mind if you headed out to your car and it simply wasn’t there? Well, these things happen. But, if you have auto insurance, especially if you have auto insurance through Arizona Capital Insurance, you can sigh a breath of relief.

The same thing holds true with home insurance. How would you feel if you came home from vacation and found your home had been burglarized? No matter what, you’re not going to be happy about what happened. But as long as you have  insurance, you’ll have some peace of mind.

What about your business, your boat, or even your life? Image how you would feel if something were to happen.

In many cases, you’re required by law to have coverage. So it’s not like you’re sitting around thinking, “I wonder if getting car insurance or home insurance will provide me with peace of mind.” But it’s always nice to appreciate what you have – even when you’re forced to get it.

Here are some recent stories we heard about where the insured individual was grateful they had coverage:

  • One woman has had her car stolen twice in the last 3 years, the stereo stolen from her car once, and just this weekend her parked car was damaged in a hit and run incident. Her auto insurance company is getting to know her on a first name basis.
  • Another woman lost the 1.5 carat diamond out of her wedding ring. Fortunately, her ring was covered under the terms of her home owners insurance and she was able to have the diamond replaced at absolutely no charge to her.
  • A couple’s young daughter wanted to “help mommy” by giving her sister a bath. She turned on the bathtub faucets and left them running, unnoticed by anyone in the house, for several hours. Their home owners insurance is paying for the new floor, moldy wall replacement, and clean up.

The best case scenario is that you never need your insurance, but it’s nice to know it’s there. Can you image what life would be like if we didn’t have good coverage? One devastating incident could leave you in serious financial trouble.

One of the reasons the employees of Arizona Capital Insurance  love their jobs is because they know they are offering a much needed service, and they love to find great rates and the perfect coverage for each of their clients.

Now, because we like to get your feedback, we’re hoping you’ll tell us about any incidents you may have had where your insurance policy allowed you to sigh a deep breath of relief. Let’s see how many times insurance policies saved the day. Just post your comments below.

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