Insure Yourself Against the World

Remember last week when we shared stories about people who were glad they had insurance? Well, this blog post was inspired by one of the stories we mentioned.

Maybe you remember the details. One woman has had her car stolen twice, her car stereo stolen once, and recently became the victim of a hit and run. So what does her story have to do with insurance? And how does any of this relate to you?

As it turns out, this woman has a $500 deductible on her car. This was the third time she’s had to shell out $500 for other people’s actions. But, without her auto insurance, she would have ended up purchasing two new cars, a stereo system, and a new bumper and tail light.

When most of us purchase insurance, we think in terms of, “In case I ever get myself in an accident.” But the truth of the matter is, auto insurance and home insurance work both ways. Your insurance policies are there to protect you from mistakes you might make. They are also there to protect you against the world.

Consider this: 22% of Arizona drivers are uninsured. In a car accident you’ll likely end up paying for your repairs, even if you’re not the one to cause the accident.

Home insurance is important to help you recover from fires, floods, storm damage, and of course, burglaries.

Life is full of unexpected and unfair events. Although you may be fully prepared to take responsibility for your actions, you need to be prepared to take responsibility for the actions of others.

Do you know what your auto and home insurance policies cover? What can you expect if someone else’s actions affect your property? Maybe now would be a good time to read your policies and make sure you’re ready for anything.

Not sure what’s included in your policies? Maybe it’s time to talk to the best agents by calling Arizona Capital Insurance.

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