Home Insurance Hints to Keep Burglars Away

Summer is approaching quickly in Arizona, which means the heat is coming on strong. For you, that means it is time for a short getaway, or maybe a lengthier vacation, for some time to cool off and refresh your body from the heat. As you’re getting ready to go, you are checking your to-do list before you head out. Clothes and shoes packed? Check. Toothbrush and toothpaste? Check. Sudoku puzzles and iPad charger? Check. Things are looking good, your bags are packed and you’re ready to go.

But, wait. Did you burglar-proof your home? The last thing you need to happen while you’re gone is to have someone break into your home and damage or steal your valuables, which would lead to a home insurance claim.

Let’s rewind back to that check list and let’s add some more steps to ensure that you don’t leave home with a huge sign on your house that reads “NO ONE HOME. BURGLARS WELCOME!”

What you want is to prevent any need to file a claim with your home insurance. To allow that, below are a few helpful tips for how to fool those burglars into thinking you are actually at home.

-Keep your mail and papers away

Call your local post office and your newspaper agency. Have both your mail and newspapers held while you are gone. Having a collection of papers on the lawn or mail spilling out of the mailbox are both obvious signs that someone might not be home. If you are unable to hold your mail and papers, an alternative would be to ask a trusted neighbor to come each day and gather your papers and mail until you get home.

-Turn your lights on and off

You might be wondering how this is possible if you are not at home. It’s actually pretty easy with some simple timers in place. Attach some timers to a few lamps around your house and set them to turn on and off intermittently throughout the day and evening. If a light is on, a burglar is less likely to come lurking nearby. At the same time, though, if a light is on non-stop, a burglar might get suspicious. Don’t forget to make sure they go off as well.

-Keep your grass clean-cut

Okay, IF you have grass, keep it trimmed. There are lawn-mowing services that you can call, or you can ask a neighborhood kid to mow your lawn and keep it neat while you are out of town. An unruly, overgrown lawn can be a tip off to burglars that your home is currently uninhabited.

-Keep your windows covered

Don’t leave any option for anyone to be able to peep inside your home. Close all drapes, shades, and blinds. It doesn’t matter how well-kept your front yard is, or if your lights are going on and off all night. If anyone can just walk up to your window and look inside, they’ll figure out pretty quickly whether or not anyone is home. Before you leave for your vacation, make sure all your windows are covered.

Why take any chances while you’re gone? You should be able to relax and feel confident that you took all precautions to keep your home and your valuables safe. Hold your newspaper, hold your mail, keep your lawn clean, set some timers, cover your windows, and enjoy your vacation.

For more information call your insurance agent and sit down for a policy review..

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