5 Things You Should Do to Protect Your Home, Even If You Have Home Insurance

Insurance is great! It gives people the chance to prepare for some of the less thrilling experiences in life. We know that if tragedy should strike we won’t be forking over thousands of dollars… the insurance company will.

But, no matter how great your home insurance policy is, it doesn’t work as a preventative measure. And wouldn’t you rather prevent bad experiences from happening than have them paid for once they do?

Here are 3 stories we heard recently that demonstrate the importance of adding more security than just insurance to your home:

-After working all day, a couple came home to find that everything in their home was stolen. Electronics, furniture, appliances, even clothes had been taken. The thieves had pulled up a moving van during the day, broke in through a back door, and moved everything out of the house without a single neighbor growing suspicious.

-Three college girls living in a rented house woke to find their iPods (which had been sitting beside their beds as they slept) and a few other electronics had been taken from their home. The sliding back door had been easily lifted off the hinges to let the thief in.

-Four bikes were stolen from the front yard of a young family only minutes after the kids they belonged to rode them home.

So, besides having a hefty duty insurance policy (that should cover the cost of the stolen items) how can you protect your home?

1- Consider adding a security system. It may cost you slightly more each month, but its well worth the added protection. You may find the premium for your home insurance drops a few dollars every month if you have one in place.

2- Update older homes with better doors and window locks.

3- Keep all possessions in the garage or back yard – even during the day.

4- Keep your doors and windows locked – even when you’re home.

5- Try to be discreet about your possessions. When door-to-door salesmen come by, don’t open your door wide for them to see inside. Don’t leave expensive items like wave runners and motorcycles out front… park them in your garage. Don’t give a thief a reason to believe your home would be worth breaking into.

For those of us who are a few years older or have lived in rural areas, we miss the days of wide open houses and keeping keys under the mat. But times have changed. And now, a home insurance policy is a necessity, but it’s not enough.

Be smart and do things that keep your home more fully protected.

If you’ve heard of any other great ways to protect your home (or you’ve heard stories about victims of home thefts), tell us about them by leaving a comment below.

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