5 Challenges of Driving in Arizona

Admit it… you get frustrated. As insurance agents we do it! Driving in Arizona could make even the most patient person go crazy. But, if you’ve grown up here, you may not realize just how lucky you are. Other states actually have worse driving reputations than ours.

According to the “2010 GMAC Insurance Driver’s Test Results”, Arizonans ranked 35th in the country’s worst drivers. That means 34 states have worse drivers than we do. Pretty good overall. Nevertheless, there are a few things that make driving here a challenge:

1. Winter Residents – every Fall we adapt our driving habits to accommodate more, and often slower drivers. Parking lots fill up faster. Freeways become more crowded. And you may find yourself driving at ¾ of your usual pace.

2. A Little Bit of Rain – for those of us who have spent much time in other states, rain slows everything down. Even when it’s only a couple of drops. Though slowing down in inclement weather is always a good idea, can you really consider a sprinkling of rain “inclement” weather?

3. A Lack of Courtesy – this is not unique to Arizona. In fact, Arizonans are more willing to let in fellow drivers than some of our surrounding states. But that doesn’t mean we are without our share of arrogant and rude drivers.

4. Dust Storms – you’ve seen these show up out of the middle of nowhere. And when caught in one, you can barely see two feet in front of you.

5. Cell Phones and Texting – get stuck behind a slow or idiotic driver and chances are good that they are texting or talking on the phone. As of now, there is not a state law prohibiting texting and driving, although some cities have adopted this policy.

You drive these streets all the time. You have your own frustrations. And we’d like to hear about them. What do you find most challenging about driving? We want to know your thoughts, so be sure to comment below!

And as you’re thinking about driving, maybe it’s time to think about your current car insurance. So talk to your insurance agent today!

2 thoughts on “5 Challenges of Driving in Arizona

  1. I hate, hate, hate, the little speed camera cars on the Interstate! In fact I hate the traffic camera anything, but especially those in Arizona on I-10 and I-17. When I was last driving in Arizona I found them to be just unreal! With the big semis traveling next to you, you often miss the speed limit signs, then you miss the warning signs, and then there’s the camera car! I always panic even though other cars are whipping past me! What is up with all the camera cars – other than the state trying to balance the budget on the proceeds of the tickets issued?

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