Quiz: How Easily Do You Recognize Insurance Companies?

Last week we put together an entire post about why working as an independent insurance agency is so great. As a quick recap, it’s because we get to shop the best rates and terms for you. Awesome!

But being an independent insurance agency doesn’t mean we turn up our noses at other insurance companies. Not at all! In fact, we work directly with some of the big name providers. Our goal is to find the company that best fits your needs.

We thought we’d have a little bit of fun and find out how many of those big name companies you recognize.

Below is a list of slogans that you may recognize, but do you know who they belong to? We dare you to take the quiz, see how many you get right, and then challenge your friends to the take the quiz as well. You can post your score in the comments section below. Give yourself one point for every question you get right.

(The answers are listed at the bottom of the post so scroll down slowly, and don’t cheat!)

1. Have you met life today?
2. We live where you live. (Or, Like a Good Neighbor…)
3. You’re in good hands.
4. Gets you back where you belong.
5. Without it, no insurance is complete.
6. We keep our promises to you.
7. Always thinking ahead.
8. Think easier, think…
9. Travel with someone you trust.
10. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
11. All your protection under one roof.

Bonus question worth two points: who used to use the slogan “So easy a caveman can do it?”

The answers are below. Don’t forget to tell us how many you got correct.

1. Metlife
2. State Farm
3. Allstate
4. Farmers
6. Amica
7. Hartford
8. Progressive
9. AAA
10. Geico
11. American Family

Bonus: Geico

5 thoughts on “Quiz: How Easily Do You Recognize Insurance Companies?

  1. Why do certain insurance companies advertise so much, yet others seem to hardly advertise at all? I feel like every third commercial is a Geico commercial. Get over yourselves already! haha
    I only scored a 6 on this quiz…probably because I DVR everything these days and fast forward through the commercials…thank you DVR!!!

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