Top 5 Reasons to Choose an Independent Insurance Agency


If you sit down and watch a single television program, you might see as many as five insurance commercials, and they’re all promising the same thing: safe driver discounts, massive savings if you switch companies, or a chance to determine your own price. We have to admit, some of the commercials are really catchy. It seems like there are some really great offers out there.

But what the commercials don’t tell you is that those great offers barely provide you with any coverage. Or, you have to fit very strict guidelines to qualify. Rarely are the deals as good as promised.

However, by the time you figure that out, you’re usually sucked into some “other” policy that may or may not fit your needs.

That’s why we love being an independence insurance agency. We love:

#1 Shopping for the best protection. Do you have any idea how much coverage you need? Do you know the minimum acceptable insurance coverage for the state of Arizona? If something happened to your house, do you know what you would personally be responsible for? Most people have no clue what their options are or what they even need. At Arizona Capital Insurance, we shop the best protection for you. We work with dozens of insurance companies. We know their policies, so we can shop for the coverage that fits you best.

#2 Shopping for the best premiums. Because we work with dozens of companies, we’re not strapped into pre-determined price points. If we think we can get a better deal for you somewhere else, we’ll go somewhere else.

#3 Taking you out of the mold. The one thing we understand as an independent agency is that every person is different, and their needs are going to be unique. When you work with us, we take everything about you, your family, and your possessions into account as we find you a perfect policy. If you don’t fit one company’s ideal client description, we’ll find a different insurance company to better meet your needs.

#4 Being customer-focused. Here’s the thing… we don’t work for the big insurance companies, we work for you. Our goal is to make sure you’re taken care of first. In fact, it doesn’t do us any good to focus on what the insurance companies want or need; they are not our customers. You are. Our independent status let’s us provide you with the ultimate customer service experience.

#5 Providing you with local support. Over the years, we’ve developed some great relationships with local companies. These relationships enable us to provide our clients with discounts and coupons. Plus, if your windshield cracks, you need your car towed, or you’re dealing with other challenges covered by your insurance, we can get you in touch with some great companies.

If you ask us, we’re going to tell you that an independent insurance agency is the way to go every time. We can provide you with a level of service and help that most other insurance companies are unable to provide. So if you want your auto, home, life or other insurance policies reviewed, give us a call.

But go ahead and keep watching those big insurance company commercials. You might get a kick out a few of them.

And, it will give you an advantage in our big company slogan quiz next week. So be sure to check back here on Monday and see just how well you know your insurance companies.

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