Protect Yourself Fully with the Right Auto Insurance Coverage

The law in Arizona requires every automobile on the road to have auto insurance. Regardless, many drivers do not give their policy much thought, opting to carry the minimum coverage that the law allows. That is why it is essential for you to have sufficient coverage to protect yourself from drivers who may be under or uninsured.

The Risks Cannot be Ignored

You may be a conscientious and safe driver, but there are many drivers that are not. They are distracted, impaired, or not paying attention. An accident can happen to anyone, no matter how careful they are. The good news is that due to increased safety measures, traffic accidents in Arizona have decreased measurably in recent years. According to the Arizona Memory Project, there were 103,176 motor vehicle crashes in 2012, down from 120,557 crashes in 2008. This is a good trend, but there are still 282.7 crashes reported in Arizona every day (data provided by car accident attorney in Mesa AZ).

The Problem with Inadequate Auto Insurance Policies

Auto insurance can cover much more than just your car and other cars that may be involved in an accident. A high-quality policy also covers personal assets and property. Many seem to think that being involved in an accident is a chance to get rich. They will file frivolous lawsuits and outrageous insurance claims for personal injuries and property damages.

This can result in a judgment costing hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the coverage of the basic policy, leaving the guilty party to pay for the remainder. If this happens to you, the courts can force the sale of your home and other assets, as well as garnish your wages until the amount is paid in full.

Why You Need a Good Insurance Policy

You may have an antique or another high-value car, as well as your personal property inside the car. If you are involved in an accident with someone, and it is entirely their fault, their insurance company must pay up to the maximum amount of the policy.

The minimum auto insurance coverage required by the state of Arizona is $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $10,000 per accident for property damage. Since many people only carry the minimum required coverage, if your damages exceed this amount you will need to file a lawsuit to receive compensation. This will take considerable time and effort on your part, and you may still never receive any money.

You Can be Fully Protected

With the help of a reputable insurance agent and a premier insurance provider, you can be assured of coverage that is adequate to protect yourself, your family, and your assets in the event of an accident. High-quality auto insurance gives you peace of mind so you can own and drive a great car without having to worry.

To protect yourself against a potentially catastrophic financial loss in the event of an auto accident, you need to talk to the reputable and respected insurance agent, David Hansen. David has been serving the insurance needs of Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Goodyear, and Mesa, Arizona. David works with each client to help determine the right policy and coverage for meeting their needs.

Knowing what coverages are right for you is critical. Sitting down with your insurance agent and going through the appropriate coverages for your specific situation is key.

Insurance Agents Always Have Your Back

We all like to think of life as void of mishaps. No one ever breaks a leg rock climbing to impress a girl, careens their Yukon off the desert highway because a bee flies into the vehicle, or drives their golf cart into the pool because… well, you use your imagination. At least this is our dream that gets us through the darkest hours of the night.

Arizona Insurance agents protect for car accidents.When dawn and reason return, we can all admit that some sort of “accident” is likely to befall us at some point in our lifetimes. When these hiccups appear on your radar, make sure you have one of the finest in your back pocket. No, I am not referencing an officer of the law here, although you might meet one depending on your type of misfortune. I am referring to one of the many dependable insurance agents awaiting your call.

Arizona is one of the most gorgeous places to call home, but it also offers a series of contrasts that can make life tricky. Where else can you have a 104 degree day followed by a 60 degree night, or some of the nation’s plushest golf courses abutting the most unforgiving desert? As a citizen of Arizona, you need to be aware of these distinctions and plan ahead for them. I am talking prevention here, the enemy of pitfall.

So, what exactly do you need to do to safeguard life, limb, and property in our unforgiving climate? You can divide these needs into two categories- people you love and stuff you love. First, think about the most important things in your life- the people. No one wants to talk about life insurance because death is icky. I get creeped out too, but buying life insurance just in case is not going to kill you. Plus, this is about your family, not you. You’ll be dead, so what will you care? Your loved ones are still going to have all the desires and necessities they do now, so take care of it. Life Happens is a nonprofit organization that provides a very non-threatening introduction to life insurance, such as why you need it and how much you need. Peruse this site and then contact your agent.

When you have conquered your own mortality and lived to tell of it, then you need to turn your attention to protecting the stuff. The major players here are of course your house and automobiles. Again, Arizona is unique in that we boast a large number of residents who may not reside here all year. If you are one of these individuals, be sure to appropriately prepare the home for your absence. Everything from taking your most valuable items to a bank’s safety deposit box, to turning off the water main, to hiring a landscaping crew to care for your yard, must be done before you leave. Even if you are not leaving during the summer or flying north, you must give the article “How to ‘Summarize’ your Arizona Home Before Flying North” a look. It has some very helpful hints, whether you are novice or veteran at the migration.

The rest of you need to make sure that your house and its contents are adequately covered. Spend time taking stock of what you have and communicate that earnestly to your agent. Agents are experts, so allow them to help you set the guidelines. Don’t forget to mention things like the number of bedrooms, building materials used, or whether you have a pool. Be thorough so your agent can provide you with the full coverage you need. The same goes for your cars. Auto policies can seem complicated on the surface, but the insurance agent can translate for you. In case you zoned out, the key to finding the appropriate home and auto insurance here is open communication with your agent.

So you won’t break a leg, drive your car off the road, or sink a golf cart. But if you do, you’d better have a dang good insurance agent.