Tips Insurance Agents Will Give You to Protect Your Home from Damage

Although home insurance will provide coverage for your home in case of a disaster, the best way to avoid home damage is to engage in preventative measures. Many disasters, natural and artificial, may be avoided by making some extra effort. By taking some tips from insurance agents, implementing these measures should be possible in no time at all.

The first step is to investigate the most frequently occurring natural disasters in your area. Different parts of Arizona will tend to suffer from higher rates of specific disasters than others. For example, some areas will be more prone to tornadoes and floods while others will have a high rate of earthquakes. In some cases it is possible to purchase specialist insurance which only covers one type of disaster or incident. Take the time to meet with local insurance agents for some tips.

Evaluate which type of insurance is right for you when meeting with insurance agents. It is important to understand that a typical home insurance policy does not cover natural disasters. According to the Arizona Department of Insurance:

The broad policy covers all the perils covered by the basic plus: building collapse; freezing or accidental discharge of water, or steam from within plumbing, heating, or air conditioning systems and domestic appliances; falling objects; weight of ice, snow, or sleet; and rupture or bursting of steam or hot water heating systems. The special policy covers dwellings for “all risks” except certain specified perils, such as earthquake and flood, and coverage for damage to personal property caused by any of the perils covered by a basic or broad policy. For an additional premium, a special endorsement usually can be added to extend the special policy to provide “all risk” coverage on personal property that is normally limited or excluded from the policy.

There is even a comprehensive package which is rarely sold today that covers almost any possible damage to your home that is imaginable. Deciding which insurance policy is right for you should be influenced by the overall value of your home as well as which accidents or disasters you feel are most likely.

Make changes to your home that will help prevent damage from occurring in the first place. Some good examples of these changes may include installing new piping, roofing, or a lightning rod. These home improvements can prevent damage from leaking pipes, mold, and even fire. Some other examples of preventative measures include reinforcing your home’s foundation to help resist a tornado or installing fire resistant insulation.

Many insurance agents will agree to give you a discount on home insurance for installing such precautions in your home. Be sure to mention all of these facts when signing up for insurance. Some agents will also agree to give you a discount based on other factors such as a high credit score or a claim-free history. Buying insurance can be challenging, but with the right know how, getting a discount should be achievable.

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