Insurance Helps You Pick Up the Pieces

The defining mark of a catastrophe is that it is unexpected. If we knew something dreadful was about to occur, we would probably take the time to get things in order, collect our most precious belongings, and do anything in our power to try and prevent the catastrophe from ever happening.

Unfortunately, that’s just not how the world works and catastrophes occur before we know it. Then we’re left to pick things up the best that we can.

In Arizona, a catastrophe to your home might occur when the wind changes direction and a wildfire moves in the direction of where you live.  Or, maybe you forget to turn off your main water valve before you leave town and a burst pipe floods your home. A catastrophe could happen when a strong storm knocks an electrical wire down on your roof.

So, how do you begin to pick up the pieces if something catastrophic does happen to your home. Where do you even start?

According to an article in the Arizona Daily Star“Most homeowners have an ally they may not think of in a major home repair crisis.” That ally is none other than your insurance agent.

In the article, Tim Jankovsky, a Tuscon Insurance agent, states that Homeowners insurance carriers in Arizona frequently maintain a list of approved vendors.”  These vendors might include specific trade experts, like roofers or plumbers, restoration experts, or emergency cleanup crews.

So, if a catastrophe occurs, call your insurance agent as soon as possible to get a list of their approved vendors. “Using that service… may not only speed up getting help to your house, but could save you money on work the insurance company doesn’t cover.”

Your insurance agents might not be able to help you predict or prevent a catastrophe from happening, but they will be there to help you pick up the pieces.

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