How to Head-off Potential Claims on Your Homeowners insurance policy

Now that you’ve purchased your homeowners insurance, it’s time to think about steps you can take to prevent, or lessen, future homeowners insurance claims.

Here are some tips that might help in keeping the homeowners insurance claims adjuster away:

  • Buy enough coverage: Find out what it would cost to rebuild your house in your area. Want to keep the same look to the house? Ask a builder for an estimate on the cost to rebuild. Don’t skimp on coverage, and forget about paying that little extra for that piece of mind for insuring your home and belongings.
  • Bring on the fire department: Ask your local fire station to come by your house and do a fire safety inspection- and include your kids when they come to your house. Spotting fire hazards and fixing them will certainly pay off in the long run.
  • Insure that Picasso: Okay, maybe you don’t have a Picasso hanging in your entryway, but you might have a few, so-called luxury items like jewelry and an heirloom desk sitting in the den. Make sure you have the ‘rider’ for coverage, if needed.
  • Water… water: Everywhere. If only you would’ve changed that leaky hose on the washing machine before you left on vacation. Do a survey of your in-house connections. Sprinkler system? Make sure the automatic timer is working correctly and not ‘hanging up’ for hours on that station by your basement window. 
  • Accidents waiting to happen: Walkways and steps invite all sorts of potential for liability claims from strangers or friends coming to your property. Make sure step rails and decking are in good repair. 
  • Wind and hail: It’s not uncommon, or rare, for a major onslaught of wind and hail to hit parts of Arizona. Heed warnings by battening down patio furniture, or screen doors…and even keep tree limbs trimmed back. 

It makes good sense to review your homeowners insurance coverage with your insurance agent at least once a year.


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