How to Deal With Fire Damage Part III: When and How to Get Help

From everything we’ve heard on the news, the Wallow Fire is starting to get under control. Hopefully, you were one of those allowed to return to your home, and with any luck, you will return to a perfect situation.

However, many folks will not. Even though your home may not have been touched by fire, the smoky air undoubtedly left smells and greasy substances on your possessions. So let’s talk about when and how to get the help you need to restore your home and furnishings to perfect order.

Call restoration companies immediately. You’re going to need them. If nothing else, you need them to check your ducts, plumbing, air and heating units, and any other hidden potential sources of damage. Get someone in immediately to survey the damage and give you quotes on how much the repairs may cost.

Talk to your insurance company. They will likely recommend restorations companies to you. But beware, the restoration companies they suggest may have a previously established relationship with the insurance company, so they are likely to offer a quote in favor of the insurance company, not you.

Ask others for their opinion. The saddest thing about this fire is that so many lives have been affected by it. You and all your neighbors will be looking for help right now. Ask around. Find out which companies your friends are getting quotes from. They may be able to point you in the right direction.

Even if fire damage is something you understand or have experienced before, don’t think you can bypass this important step. Get some help. Your insurance company will foot the bill if you need someone to come in and look for things you may not have noticed.

That being said, you can get a start on restoring your home. Open the windows and get some air circulating. Look for furnishings that appear to be untouched and don’t smell. Cover those with plastic so that the restoration process will not affect those things that are in perfect condition. Let anything that is wet dry before you touch it.

This will be a lengthy process, but you don’t want to permanently damage things that can be restored.

As always, if you need help or have questions, please give us a call at Arizona Capital Insurance We are hopeful that you can soon put this whole experience behind you.

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