Who’s Going to Pay for the Change in the Weather?

As a smart consumer, you pay attention to what’s going on in the world. You know that higher gas prices mean higher food prices. You know that when the stock market drops your investment values go down, and you’ve probably realized that when natural disasters strike, prices on insurance tend to go up.

Maybe you already have a solid understanding of how insurance works. If you read our post about the history of insurance, you may have learned some new information.

Bottom line: insurance companies work with a pool of funds. When those funds get depleted (due to hundreds, even thousands of claims) they have to increase their rates, and all the company’s clients pay the price.

Over the last few weeks, our country has experienced an abnormally high volume of natural disasters. The tornadoes, the flooding…it’s starting to add up, and lots of insured individuals are at risk for price hikes or changes in their policies.

If you are a client of Arizona Capital Insurance (formerly OMNI Insurance), this is what we can promise you:

  • We will keep an eye on your policies to make sure you’re getting the best rates for your needs
  • Every time we renew your policy, we will double check to make sure you’re still getting the best deal
  • We will only work with companies we trust, saving you from random price jumps and policy changes

If you’re not a current Arizona Capital Insurance client, know that we will offer the same incredible services.

Even if you were not directly affected by the catastrophes that hit our country, you may feel the long-term effects. Let us see what we can do to minimize your risks.

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