Movies That Make Us Appreciate Insurance

Okay, so you don’t think about insurance every day, and you may not read an insurance blog every week. We get it. You probably only think about your policy every six months. Maybe not even that often.

A good friend of ours has a very unusual “problem.” Every time she watches a movie where buildings get destroyed, or cars get wrecked, she thinks about the cost to replace the damaged property. She hopes the owners have insurance. Like we said, it’s an unusual “problem.”

However, it got us thinking. Which movies make you grateful you have insurance? We created a list of our own and hope you add a few in the comments section below.

Our list includes:

  • Money Pit with Tom Hanks, because a “new” house falls apart
  • Armageddon and Independence Day, for the same destructive reasons
  • Gone in 60 Seconds, if you own a luxury car
  • Wizard of Oz, just in case your house leaves Kansas
  • Titanic, if you own a really big ship or priceless necklace
  • Meet the Parents, if you tend to be accident prone (or your future son-in-law is)
  • Jurassic Park, if you plan to bring dinosaurs back to life


Reality check? Few insurance companies would pay for the catastrophes stated above, but we still think it’s kind of fun to think about.

So, what do you think? What movies make you appreciate your insurance policies? Leave your comments below and let’s see how many great ideas we come up with!

6 thoughts on “Movies That Make Us Appreciate Insurance

  1. Insurance is the last thing that I want to think about. I even hate to put in the effort to put my new insurance cards in my glove box each year when I get my renewal in the mail. I seriously should read the policy to help put my kids to bed at night. It would probably work better than what I am doing now.

    With that said every time I pass an accident on the way to work (usually I see one daily) it helps me realize why I have insurance.

  2. Great post! Interesting how you can relate insurance to something more exciting and interesting to read about. I like the Titanic reference, I can’t imagine the insurance on that boat, or even that necklace, but I would love both 🙂

  3. I liked it in Groundhog Day when Bill Murray punched Ned Ryerson (annoying insurance salesman) in the face. That said, I am well insured and appreicate that the people at BAP aren’t like Ned!

  4. 1. Donnie Darko: because sometimes parts of planes fall out of the sky and land on your house.
    2. A Series of Unfortunate Events: parents die in a house fire (life and fire), next home is destroyed in a hurricane, snake attacks (health), car stuck on train tracks *This one is FULL of reasons to appreciate insurance.

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