How to Prepare for Those Teenage Driving Years

Are you sure you’re ready for this, a teenager who can now drive? With gas prices skyrocketing and the added costs to your insurance, you may be dreading that sweet 16th birthday. On the other hand, those who have teen drivers enjoy sending their children to the store for milk and appreciate not having to pick up their child from a party on a Saturday night.

Teenagers will only be around for a few more years. So why not learn to appreciate the new milestones your children are reaching. Here are some ideas for preparing your teens to drive, so you don’t break the bank while helping them move into that new stage of life:

Encourage Good Grades. Did you know that a lot of insurance companies will offer good student discounts on insurance rates? You want your children to get good grades anyway. Here is one more incentive for them to keep their grades up. Perhaps you can have them pay the additional insurance costs if their grades slip.

Choose a Car with Lower Insurance Rates. Sure, every kid would love to be driving to school in a sports car, but that’s not realistic on your budget. Besides the cost of the car, certain vehicles will cost you more to insure. Your insurance company should be able to tell you which vehicles are cost effective.

Let Them Drive the Family Car. Even if you don’t buy a vehicle for your child, you still need to get them insured if they plan on driving. Insuring your child on existing vehicles is a heck of a lot cheaper than purchasing a new one. Of course, then you have to battle for possession of the family car.

Avoid Driving Incidents at All Costs. Does your teenager realize what happens to your insurance rates when they get a ticket or have an accident? Talk to them about it. You may consider having them pay their own insurance costs if they violate traffic laws. Be sure to have a heartfelt discussion about NOT texting in the car.

Call an Insurance Agent in Advance. Finding the best insurance policy for your teen driver can take some time and some shopping around. Before your child turns 16, we strongly encourage you to start looking for the best car insurance options for your child.

At Arizona Capital Insurance, we do the shopping for you. If you have a child quickly approaching that magic age, give us a call. We can find discounts and better rates for your teen driver. We can help you choose a car that will bring in a lower insurance rate. And we let you know what to expect if the unexpected happens.

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